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PWC Super Rack

Double Lucky Rod Holder

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If you are having trouble fitting your fishing rods on your jet ski but don’t want to ride a boat to get to where the fish are-- the Double Lucky Rod Holder is your best solution. Some people ride jet skis for the fun of riding, but some people use it to get to where the big fish are-- and this rod holder will allow you to bring your favorite angling rods to your favorite destinations fast!

It is made with heavy-duty aluminum and made in the United States to ensure longevity. Because it is designed to last for a lifetime, it might be the only ever rod holder you will ever need-- unless you want to purchase more for your friends and family members.

It can carry up to two rods, and it is easy to install. It will come with pre-drilled holes, allowing you to set it up in minutes! Plus, it fits any Cruise Edition Rack or Deep Blue Rack perfectly. So if you plan on going fishing and don’t want to rent a boat, make fishing easier and more fun with the Double Lucky Rod Holder!