The Best Jet Ski Adventures: Jet Ski Bucket List

If you own a jet ski, you better know where to use it to maximize your trips! In this article, we took our time to compile the best destinations to ride your jet ski. And if you own a jet ski, you better strap on your rack and make sure you get to visit at least one of these places to make sure you fulfill your jet ski bucket list! 

Now, let’s get straight to the list!

Lake Havasu

This picturesque lake is located right on the border of California and Arizona. And if you want an interesting tidbit about this lake, the real London Bridge is in this lake. When it was dismantled and sent over to the United States back in 1971, it was used on Lake Havasu for people to cross. But don’t worry, this London Bridge won’t be falling!

If you are a jet ski enthusiast, this lake is definitely a must-visit! This destination boasts fabulous scenery, food, and nightlife. And if you come with a rack, you will indeed find places to hang out and have a good time without spending money on food! In addition, it is the perfect place to enjoy the warm summers with friends and family! 

Lake Tahoe

Lake Tahoe is one of the most popular destinations for vacations, and of course-- for jet ski enthusiasts like you!

It has tons of wonderful beaches and ski resorts-- making it the perfect destination for you and your family! If you enjoy riding jet skis and enjoy compelling scenery, there is no other place for you, your jet ski, and your PWC Super Rack!

On and off the water, Lake Tahoe exhibits excellent tourist attractions for you and your family and friends to enjoy, making it an all-around destination. If you don’t know where to go on your next ski trip, Lake Tahoe would be an excellent choice. 

Lake Ouachita

This lake is one of the largest in the United States. With over 40,000 acres of shorelines and unique islands-- this place is definitely a dream destination for ski enthusiasts! In addition, there are over 90 camping spots on the islands and shorelines, making it perfect for people with jet skis and jet ski racks!

What makes this place stand out is the islands scattered all over the body of water. If you want to camp with your friends and family and enjoy the great outdoors in solace-- there is no other place you can go to!

Even if you are not interested in camping, there are more activities you can do in Lake Ouachita, such as hot springs, fine dining, resorts, and other natural tourist attractions to visit.  In addition, the water temperatures are comfortable for swimming, especially during the summer. So if you find yourself in the Arkansas countryside during the months of July and August, you should definitely take your jet ski and enjoy the peace and quiet at Lake Ouachita. 

Lake Superior

From the name itself, Lake Superior is truly superior over most lakes in the United States. It is the largest of all the great lakes,  and it definitely should be on your jet ski destination bucket list! 

It is located in the cold regions near Canada, North Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Michigan, but there are many activities to do in this large body of water. You can do a little bit of angling, but the best part about being here is being able to enjoy a wonderful trip with family and friends. 

It is a pretty cold destination, so you need to make sure you bring all your gear and suit up. If you want to ski at this destination, make sure you have a jet ski rack installed to bring all the gear, food, and drinks you need! But don’t forget to bring all your friends. 

Do I Need a Jet Ski Rack?

Riding a jet ski is like riding a motorcycle on water but without confining yourself to roads, pedestrians, and other obstructions. Imagine riding on a large body of water and being free to go in whichever direction you want. 

But what could make riding a jet ski better than it already is? If you could bring food and beverages on your ride to your destination and of course, being in the water with friends or family-- and enjoying a picnic by the shore.

Jet skis are a bit small to carry food and beverages, and eating at a restaurant near the shore is not ideal if you want to save money. The best solution is getting a rack that will allow you to customize your jet ski and carry food, drinks, surfboards, and any other things you want to take with you on your next exciting adventure!

What is the best rack for my jet ski?

There are many choices of racks online, but nothing compares to the PWC SUPER RACK when it comes to functionality, durability, quality, and convenience. It is made to carry your things without having to compromise on the weight and, of course-- style!

The PWC Super Rack is an alternative solution to spending $100 or more on food when you go on jet ski trips and adventures. Think about it. If the price of the rack is $400, and you spend $100 or more on each trip-- you can save thousands of dollars in the long run with the PWC Super Rack.

What is the PWC Super Rack For?

The PWC Super Rack was designed for each rider to customize their jet ski to their personal hobbies. For example, if you like to wine and dine when you reach your destination, you can customize your rack to carry food, wine, drinks, and more. 

If you like to surf, parasail, or do other water sports in islands that only a jet ski can reach-- the PWC Super Rack makes it possible for you to carry all the gear you need without breaking a sweat!

Basically, having a rack on your jet ski allows you to take your every adventure to the next level! Without the need for riding or renting an expensive boat, your jet ski can carry more gear without spending nearly as much. 

It is pretty cool to have your gear secured and organized on one rack. It’s only you, your jet ski, and the bodies of water ahead-- imagine the fun adventures you can do with the kind of freedom a jet ski rack can bring! We have to say that it's pretty awesome!

How to Install a Jet Ski Rack

Installing a jet ski rack varies from brand to brand. But if you want the most convenient option that is not just easy to install but might be the last jet ski rack you ever need to install-- you seriously need to go with the PWC Super Rack 100%. 

It has no legs and no straps involved. It is a sturdy and solid rack that also lets you access your ski while you are in the water. The best thing about installing the PWC Super Rack is that you can do it yourself. It does not need any modifications.

All you need to do is slide it in and tie up the turnbuckles-- or you can snap it into your LINQ system-- and you’re golden!


Is Super Rack The Best Jet Ski Rack? My Honest Review.


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