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PWC Super Rack

Low Profile Edition for Seadoo Explorer 2023

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The PWC Super Rack is built with heavy duty aluminum material all made in USA.

This Rack is mounted flat on the Seadoo Explorer Platform or any other Seadoo using this Platform.

Make sure to lock the safety screw on the LINQ latches.

Aerodynamic design so it won’t slow you down.

The Super Rack was design by regular Jet Ski riders keeping in mind what we need and like when riding, unlike other racks made out of light materials using straps to make them universal this racks are handcrafted to perfectly fit your Ski therefore once is mounted you can shake your Ski and almost lift it and the rack won’t move is very sturdy and won’t damage or scratch your ski, we have tested on high speeds, crossing the Bermuda triangle from Miami to Bimini Bahamas for many years, whether you are using it for long or short rides you won’t be disappointed.




Outside: 23 3/8" X 15 3/8" X 8 ¼”

Inside: 21 3/4" X 13 5/8" X 8 ¼”


If using the Rack for a long trip when weather is bad it is recommended to secure the Rack with a strap.