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Super Rack LLC


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Very convenient Personal Watercraft Sand Anchor light weight with a smart design to hold your ski in the water.


If you are looking for an effective solution to keep your jet ski safe and anchored in the water-- this super lightweight, heavy-duty, and durable sand anchor is your best bet.


It features an intelligent design that anchors and locks itself in the sand, keeping your skis safe and steady at the spot where you left it. All you need is a 12' rope, and you can tie and anchor your jet ski safely when you need to get off and explore the beach on foot.


If you own a jet ski, you will 100% need the Super Rack Sand Anchor. It is affordable, but that doesn’t mean it is just another flimsy anchor.


It is not only effective, but they also come in 12 different colors to match your style, your jet ski, and your preference. If you know someone who owns a jet ski, the Super Rack Sand Anchor will make the best gift!


There is literally nothing bad about this lightweight, ultra-durable, portable, and stylish sand anchor! And if you have a jet ski-- this anchor should definitely be your next cheap but valuable purchase.

 ***Sand Anchor Base not included***